A Letter from the President:

Eble_profileThe New Year seems like a great time to offer my thanks and appreciation to some people, announce some changes and open positions, and preview the upcoming year and conference.

Thanks to the following members of the ATTW Executive Committee who rotated off or resigned their positions at our meeting back in March. Thanks to Kelli Cargile Cook, who served as ATTW President from 2009-2011 (and then as past-President and past-past President), and Stuart Blythe, Lisa Meloncon, and Michael Salvo, who completed their two-year terms as ATTW Members at Large. I also want to thank TyAnna Herrington, who served as ATTW’s Information Officer from 2009-2015, and Bill Hart-Davidson, who’s been serving as Interim Information Officer since March. At that same meeting, we welcomed Angela Haas, Vice President, and Members at Large, Huiling Ding, Meredith Johnson, and Huatong Sun. We also welcomed Bradley Dilger, ATTW’s Web Editor. Bradley and his Assistant, Michelle McMullin, have been working behind-the-scenes on the ATTW website, rebooting this news blog, and facilitating announcements and social media. Thanks to both of them for the smooth transition to the new ATTW listserv and for the ATTW 2016 conference proposal and review system, and I know they are hard at work getting the conference registration system set-up. You’ll be hearing more from them soon!

Shortly after the ATTW 2015 conference, Ann Blakeslee stepped down as Treasurer, and I appointed Stuart Blythe. I’ve asked Ann Blakeslee to stay on as a consultant, and she has assured me she will be on call over the year as we transition. Her contributions and service to the organization are immeasurable, and I’m not quite ready to say good-bye to her yet. Jo Mackiewicz will also be stepping down as the ATTW Book Series Editor this spring. Stay tuned for an email soon announcing this open position. The series is well on its way to becoming a venue of first choice for publication in technical and professional communication and an invaluable resource for the discipline and profession. Last, I’m also stepping down as Conference Coordinator/Fundraiser, and I’ll be sending a call out for individuals interested in this position as well.

I also want to thank Godwin Agboka and Natalia Matveeva, ATTW 2016 Conference Co-Chairs as they work to finalize what may be one of our best conferences yet. I’m looking forward to seeing you all in Houston in April.

Eble Signature

Michelle Eble, ATTW President