From the Conference Co-Chairs

Natalya Matveeva
Natalia Matveeva
Godwin Agboka
Godwin Agboka

Dear Colleagues,

The past year has been a busy year for social justice, because of the racial, class, gender, and economic challenges that engaged social justice advocates.  As a result, the theme for this year’s conference, “Citizenship and Advocacy in Technical Communication,” could not be more appropriate. We are excited about this year’s conference because of the obvious connections the theme makes with the communities within which we discuss and practice professional and technical communication. Against this backdrop, we are looking forward to productive discussions, forging new relationships, and building on the exciting work on social justice and community engagement in ways that cast our field as responsive to the emerging human challenges in many contexts. If you haven’t yet completed your registration, please register now. Pre-conference registration closes March 25th.

In the fall of 2016, we received many excellent, and, in many cases, very similar subject matter-related conference proposals, so making a decision about which proposal to include in the conference program was particularly challenging.  In making a decision about which proposals to accept, we relied on a number of factors: reviewer ratings, category of proposals, the novelty of proposal ideas, and number of slots for each proposal category, as allowed by the availability of rooms/sessions.

Thanks to your great submissions, we have compiled a conference program that includes talks on how we can all enrich our classrooms through service learning and/or community-based projects, how we can help protect the rights of citizens through effective writing, and how we can expand our research agendas by exploring the impacts of new technologies on citizenship and advocacy. All these topics aim to search for better ways to promote active citizenship beyond the traditional classroom to respond to various social, economic, and environmental issues.

As the most diverse city in the United States, Houston not only provides the perfect platform for this year’s conference, but downtown Houston  offers so much culture and history, good food, and wonderful scenery.

We look forward to welcoming you all to ATTW 2016 in Houston!

Godwin Agboka and Natalia Matveeva

ATTW Conference Co-chairs


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