Social Media at #attwcon

Picture of Michael Faris
Michael J. Faris

With ATTW’s 2016 conference about a week away, I’d like to update you on ATTW’s social media efforts, highlight some of the social media activities ATTW is sponsoring, and encourage you to be involved in social media activities during the conference.

As social media coordinator for the last few years, I’ve worked with our web editor and executive committee to try to keep members informed about announcements (like CFPs and conference-related blog posts) via our Facebook page and Twitter account, and to answer questions through these sites. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @attworg.

Over the last year, we’ve worked to increase our web presence. Our Facebook page has 656 likes (up nearly 200 likes from a year ago) and we have 826 followers on Twitter, up over 200 from a year ago.

But these are just numbers. The real power of social media is engagement—not just content pushed from ATTW to membership, but members engaging with each other. We encourage you to tweet before, during, and after the conference about presentations and your experiences and in response to each other using the hashtag #attwcon. Last year, attendees (and those not attending as well) used the hashtag to tweet or retweet 996 times the day of the conference—double the amount of engagement from the previous year. There are many benefits to tweeting at a conference: networking with other members, sharing experiences and thoughts for those who can’t attend, back channeling and asking questions during a session, creating an archive of experiences, and more. We also encourage you to post pictures from the conference on your social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, etc.) using the conference hashtag.

I use Martin Hawksey’s TAGS to archive tweets using the #ATTWcon hashtag. A publicly available archive of the hashtag is available here. You can also view of visualization of conversations using the hashtag, which also updates regularly.

Last year, ATTW invited a few members to serve as Social Media Curators. They created Storify projects that archive and share conversations and events at the conference (you should check them out!). This year, we’ve asked Allegra Smith (ASU, @argella), Jack Labriola (TTU, @jt_laby), Tiffany Wilgar (USF, @EmpressAtreyu), and Elizabeth Mackey (Minnesota, @elzmackey) to curate social media posts at the conference and create Storify projects — so follow them on Twitter and look for their Storify projects after the conference. We have also added twitter handles to the ATTW conference nametags as a way to help you connect with each other via social media.

We’re excited for the conference in Houston and continued engagement among members!

Michael J. Faris
ATTW Social Media Coordinator