Month: May 2016

Social Media Wrap-up of #attwcon in Houston

Social Media Wrap-up of #attwcon in Houston

It’s hard to believe that ATTW’s annual convention in Houston was a whole month ago—time has flown by, our semesters are coming to an end (or we’re hitting mid-quarter for those of you on the quarter system), and many of us are switching gears from thinking about our spring classes and instead thinking about summer projects, vacations, and possibly even prepping for fall courses (though maybe we’ll hold off on that for a little bit for a breather).

We thought it would be useful to give a brief recap of social media use at this year’s convention. For a few years now, conference attendees have used the #attwcon hashtag to share experiences about the conferences, network, share insights from presentations, and more. This year attendees posted 805 tweets and retweets using the conference hashtag on the day of the conference (an archive of tweets is available here).

This network visualization shows that over 197 different twitter accounts have used the hashtag or were mentioned by someone using the hashtag this year. (This data includes tweets from a few weeks before the conference and since then as well.) You can click on a node to get data about that twitter user—for instance, @beyonce was mentioned once during the conference (but sadly, she didn’t tweet about the conference).

If you click on the “mentions” link at the bottom of the visualization, you can see that we’re a pretty chatty bunch, not just sending out tweets in isolation, but replying to each other, mentioning each other in tweets, and retweeting each other quite frequently. The retweets link on the bottom of the page shows an even denser network: we like to share what each other has written.

For the second year, we asked a few graduate students to serve as Social Media Curators at the conference. They kept track of tweets and other social media and used our Storify account to create stories about panels and other events at the conference. Special thanks to Jack Labriola, Elizabeth Mackey, Allegra Smith, and Tiffany Wilgar for creating the following stories of #attwcon events:

The convention in Houston was a huge success, thanks in large part to conference program co-chairs Natalia Matveeva and Godwin Agboka, ATTW’s many volunteers and sponsors,  great presentations by ATTW members, and a wonderful, collegial membership that tweets about the conference. Looking forward to next year in Portland!

Michael J. Faris
ATTW Social Media Coordinator