Dr. Rebecca Walton Named New ATTW TCQ Editor

Photo of Dr. Rebecca Walton of Utah State UniversityThe ATTW Executive Committee is pleased to announce that Dr. Rebecca Walton has been appointed the next editor of Technical Communication Quarterly (TCQ) and will begin her term later this summer. Her institution, Utah State University, will be the new institutional home for the journal. We are excited about the future of TCQ under Dr. Walton’s editorial leadership, and we are thrilled to have Dr. Walton join ATTW’s Executive Committee as well.

Dr. Walton’s vision for TCQ is to “maintain its top-notch reputation while growing its readership and the diversity of authors.” She will “focus on retaining a particular set of strengths cultivated by current and past leadership, while prioritizing a set of strategies to further strengthen the journal and, by extension, the field.” These strategies include expanding the pool of journal reviewers to include more scholars who are earlier in their careers. She sees this strategy as an important investment in the field that can increase readership and maintain a pipeline of excellent, more diverse leadership for the journal. Dr. Walton’s qualifications include a significant record of publication; familiarity with journal editing, having guest edited two special issues; experience in copyediting, project management, and supervising (both in industry and in academia); and a strong international network of mutually supportive colleagues.

Thanks to TCQ’s current editorial team—Donna Kain, Brent Henze, and Suzan Flanagan—and to East Carolina University’s Department of English for their work and support of TCQ for the last five years.

Technical Communication Quarterly
is published as a print journal four times per year by Taylor & Francis, LLC. TCQ is also published online, and it is now included in the publisher’s iFirst workflow, which means that preprint versions of forthcoming articles are published throughout the year on the journal’s website, changing the traditionally structured concrete deadlines to a more continuous workflow.

Dr. Rebecca Walton is an associate professor of technical communication and rhetoric at Utah State University. Her research interests include social justice, human rights, and qualitative methods for crosscultural research. Primarily a field researcher, she has collaborated with organizations such as the Red Cross, Mercy Corps, and World Vision to conduct research in countries including Uganda, Kyrgyzstan, and Bolivia. Her co-authored work has won several national awards: CCCC Best Article on Philosophy or Theory of Technical or Scientific Communication in 2018, the Nell Ann Pickett Award in 2016 and in 2017, and the STC Distinguished Article Award in 2017.

About ATTW
The Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW) is an active professional organization of teachers, researchers, and practitioners of technical communication. Formed in 1973 to encourage dialogue among teachers of technical communication and to develop technical communication as an academic discipline, the organization boasts an international and interdisciplinary membership. ATTW produces Technical Communication Quarterly, a leading academic journal, and it collaborates with Taylor & Francis/Routledge to publish the ATTW Book Series in Technical and Professional Communication.