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ATTW Membership Information–Join/Renew

As we look forward to celebrating the 45th anniversary of ATTW this March 13-14 in Kansas City, Kansas, the ATTW executive committee wanted to take a moment to thank its members for their participation in the ATTW community. Because of your continuing support as members of ATTW, we will host a two-day conference that supports diverse scholarship and several opportunities for professional development, offer conference funding opportunities for graduate students to showcase their research, sponsor scholarships to the Research Methods Workshops so students can continue to find mentors and develop their work, and recognize and amplify the important contributions of underrepresented students and/or non-tenure track faculty within technical communication presenting at ATTW 2018.

I think it’s an exciting time to be a member of ATTW!

Please check your membership status since we’ll be electing new members to the Executive Committee in February. If you’re not currently an ATTW member, or you haven’t already renewed your membership for 2018, please be sure to do so as soon as possible because ballots will be emailed to current ATTW members mid-February in order to elect a vice-president and three members-at-large in time for the conference.

Joining or renewing your membership in ATTW is linked to subscribing or renewing your subscription to Technical Communication Quarterly. Check out the membership page of the ATTW website for instructions on how to join or renew your ATTW membership.

ATTW members who would like to check the status of their membership may do so by accessing  the Taylor & Francis Access Entitlements page but this requires a prior login username and password.

I look forward to seeing many of you in March as we convene for our annual conference. Thanks!

Michelle F. Eble, ATTW President


ATTW 2016 Registration Round-Up

Smile if you already registered for #attwcon 2016!


Pre-conference registration is now closed. closes TODAY, Fri 3/25! in ten days!

If you’re planning on attending ATTW 2016 in Houston, please register for the conference now. Registration will be available at the door, but it will be faster for you (and for the registration team) if you register before the conference.

While you are registering, please renew your ATTW membership. We’ve added 20 memberships in the last two weeks, which is great news, but we still have about 50 presenters who haven’t signed up or renewed their memberships yet. Please do this along with your registration.

We can’t wait to see you in Houston! Read this letter from our conference co-chairs to learn more about the conference program.

Update 3/25: The Women in TC luncheon is SOLD OUT. Even if you’re not attending ATTW, you can still attend the Women in TC Luncheon at the ATTW conference. We are asking everyone to pre-register this year so we can plan accurately for lunches. 

If you have already registered for the conference and renewed your membership, thank you so much! We’ll see you soon!


ATTW Membership Update

Since we began our membership push in mid-January, more than 40 ATTW members have signed up or renewed for 2016. However, we’re still seeing two significant gaps we’d like to close before the conference: (1) while we are pleased to have 175 members, we have over 350 people on the ATTW-L, and our databases show even more former members who have allowed their membership to lapse; (2) over 70 conference presenters aren’t yet ATTW members.

ATTW membership is important because not only does it provide you with a subscription to Technical Communication Quarterly, it also helps to fund our conference each year. Your membership also funds graduate scholarships to attend and present at the conference.

If you have yet to sign up or renew your membership, you can find instructions and links at

Graduate students can call or email Taylor & Francis directly to get the student membership rate of $22. Contact 1-800-354-1420 or

Faculty members, please be aware that when using a university email or renewing from a computer with a university IP address some members have had difficulties with the Taylor & Francis online store. If you need to use a university account or computer, it may simplify your process to contact Taylor & Francis by phone. 1-800-354-1420.

If you have questions about membership, please email Michelle McMullin