Month: January 2018

ATTW 2018 Amplification Awards

On behalf of the ATTW Executive Committee, I’m excited to announce a new award that will be given for the first time at ATTW 2018 in Kansas City, Kansas. If you are graduate student or non tenure-track faculty member who has been accepted to present at ATTW 2018, please read below to see if you are eligible for this award. Applications are due by January 30, 2018.



ATTW Amplification Awards

As part of ATTW’s commitment to social justice practices and increasing organizational participation and supporting research from underrepresented scholars and teachers of technical communication, ATTW is offering three awards to recognize and amplify the important contributions of underrepresented students and/or non-tenure track faculty presenting at ATTW 2018 in Kansas City, Kansas. The award includes a conference registration waiver and financial assistance ($500) with the costs of traveling to ATTW 2018. Award recipients will be honored at the ATTW awards reception.

Eligible candidates for this award include students and non-tenure-track faculty whose race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, and/or nationality are underrepresented in the field of technical communication. Applications include an extended abstract (not more than 750 words) that summarizes the applicant’s ATTW presentation and its contribution(s) to the field of technical communication. The Awards Selection Committee will prioritize abstracts that are clearly defined and offer significant pedagogical, theoretical, and/or methodological contributions to the field of technical communication.

Applications should be submitted to by 11:59 PM PST, January 30, 2018.  


ATTW 2018 Research Workshops

ATTW 2018 Research Methods Workshops
March 13, 2018 1:30-5:30
Scholarships Available!

The Research Methods Workshops are an initiative of the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW) aimed at providing an opportunity for those entering the profession and those less trained in research to develop more sophisticated research skills.

This year, ATTW is sponsoring two Research Methods Workshops:

  • Tiane Donahue, Dartmouth College Institute for Writing and Rhetoric and Université de Lille, France, on Analyzing Cross-cultural Data in an International Context, and
  • Cheryl Geisler, Simon Fraser University, on Coding Language Reliably.

These two half-day workshops will be held in The Reardon Convention Center in Kansas City, Kansas on Tuesday afternoon, March 13, 1:30-5:30.  This is the first day of the ATTW conference (March 13-14) and the day before the CCCC conference (March 14-17).

Each workshop focuses on a methodology for data analysis and is designed to help researchers devise and try out an analytic approach. Analyzing Cross-cultural Data in an International Context, with Tiane Donahue focuses on planning and completing a qualitative analysis of cross-cultural data.  Coding Language Reliably with Cheryl Geisler focuses on measuring and improving the agreement between coders.  Complete descriptions of these workshops can be found at:



Registration for each workshop is $100.  Ten scholarships of $200 each are available to graduate students to defray the cost of the workshop and hotel.

Participation in these workshops is awarded on a competitive basis and constitutes a place on the ATTW program.

To apply for a place in one of these workshops, download and complete the application form found at

Application Form:

The deadline for applications has been extended January 30, 2018 and acceptances will be emailed to you by Feb 2.

Questions about these workshops can be directed to Cheryl Geisler (, Chair of the ATTW Committee on Research.

ATTW Membership Information–Join/Renew

As we look forward to celebrating the 45th anniversary of ATTW this March 13-14 in Kansas City, Kansas, the ATTW executive committee wanted to take a moment to thank its members for their participation in the ATTW community. Because of your continuing support as members of ATTW, we will host a two-day conference that supports diverse scholarship and several opportunities for professional development, offer conference funding opportunities for graduate students to showcase their research, sponsor scholarships to the Research Methods Workshops so students can continue to find mentors and develop their work, and recognize and amplify the important contributions of underrepresented students and/or non-tenure track faculty within technical communication presenting at ATTW 2018.

I think it’s an exciting time to be a member of ATTW!

Please check your membership status since we’ll be electing new members to the Executive Committee in February. If you’re not currently an ATTW member, or you haven’t already renewed your membership for 2018, please be sure to do so as soon as possible because ballots will be emailed to current ATTW members mid-February in order to elect a vice-president and three members-at-large in time for the conference.

Joining or renewing your membership in ATTW is linked to subscribing or renewing your subscription to Technical Communication Quarterly. Check out the membership page of the ATTW website for instructions on how to join or renew your ATTW membership.

ATTW members who would like to check the status of their membership may do so by accessing  the Taylor & Francis Access Entitlements page but this requires a prior login username and password.

I look forward to seeing many of you in March as we convene for our annual conference. Thanks!

Michelle F. Eble, ATTW President