Colton, Holmes, Walwema Awarded 2018 Nell Ann Pickett Award

Congratulations to Jared S. Colton, Steve Holmes, and Josephine Walwema, who were awarded the Nell Ann Pickett Award for their article, “From NoobGuides to #OpKKK: Ethics of Anonymous’ Tactical Technical Communication,” published in Volume 26.1, 2017.  The Award Selection Committee noted that “one thing that makes this article exemplary is that it engages with concepts we thought we knew–de Certeau’s tactics and strategies–and helps us to see them in a new way. It is one of those rare “both/and” pieces that raises concerns about a widely accepted framework without disregarding its value and that identifies shortcomings and proposes strategies for mitigating them. Fitting with this year’s ATTW conference theme, this article engages deeply and carefully with theory, vividly illustrating why theory matters by tracing out precarities and possibilities for ethical interventions in the world.”

Jared S. Colton is an assistant professor at Utah State University. Steve Holmes is an assistant professor at George Mason University. Josephine Walwema is an associate professor at Oakland University.

Photo of Walwema, Holmes, and Colton.
Josephine Walwema, Steve Holmes, and Jared Colton at the 2018 ATTW 21st Conference Awards Reception in Kansas City, KS on March 13.

Congratulations also to Ashley Rose Mehlenbacher‘s for her article “Crowdfunding Science: Exigencies and Strategies in an Emerging Genre of Science Communication,” which was named honorable mention by the committee. They wrote that  “this article reports on a rigorously designed empirical study of a new genre in science communication. This piece ties into a multitude of relevant considerations of our field– from proposal writing to social media, from building credibility to clearly communicating technical information to lay audiences, from preparing students for ever-changing workplaces to identifying key opportunities for future research.”

Ashley Rose Mehlenbacher is an assistant professor at University of Waterloo.

The Nell Ann Pickett Award is given annually for the best article in ATTW’s journal, Technical Communication Quarterly, for the previous publication year. Judges for the award are previous award winners. It is named for a founding member of the association who initiated the award and originally funded it.