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ATTW 2017 participant information (updated)

ATTW 2017 is next this week! We wanted to round up all the information about conference events in one place before everyone starts traveling. Hopefully, this answers your last minute questions, but if not, please feel free to contact us at attworg@gmail.com.

All ATTW conference events are held at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Portland, 1000 NE Multnomah Street, Portland, Oregon 97232, +1-503-281-6111. It’s about a 15 minute walk from the Oregon Convention Center, near the Lloyd Center/NE 11th TriMet stop.

This post last updated Tuesday, March 14.

Weather-related cancellations

If you won’t be able to attend ATTW 2017 or the Women in TC luncheon because of travel problems related to Winter Storm Stella, we’re very sorry! Contact us at attworg@gmail.com and we’ll refund your registration fees. We’ll process the refunds after the conference.

Social media

Our social media ambassadors get started the week of the conference—more soon! Plan to tweet using the #attwcon hashtag. If you like, join our list of @ATTWorg tweeters.

Research Methods Workshops

Workshops will take place Tuesday, March 14 from 12:30-4:30p. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to get checked in so that workshops can start on time.

We have Ross Island and Morrison rooms located on the first level from 12:30-4:30. Each room will have a projector and screen, but facilitators and participants should bring laptops.

The break will include regular and decaf coffee/tea, soft drinks, bottled water, and cookies.

Conference Check-in

The main room for ATTW on Wednesday will be Multnomah, which is on the first level of the  Doubletree. Check-in and registration will be available outside of this room beginning at 8:00 AM on Wednesday, March 15.

If you preregistered for the conference:

Look for someone with a cellphone or tablet to get you checked in quickly through Eventbrite. Pick up your nametag and program, and have a great conference!

If you registered, but need to pay onsite:

Look for Bradley Dilger or Stuart Blythe. They’ll help you finish your registration.

If you missed the online registration window:

Look for Bradley Dilger. He will be handling onsite registrations. Here are the costs for onsite registrations:

Full-time faculty or professionals $150.00
Contingent faculty $100.00
Students $75.00

Poster Presentation Information

Posters should be 30″ x 40″ or smaller to fit on the foam boards that will be provided.  We will provide foam boards, binder clips, and push pins to mount the posters.

Then the foam boards will be displayed on easels.

Presenter Information

Rooms will have a projector and Internet access. Presenters should bring laptops and connecting dongles for audio visual.

Each session is an hour and fifteen minutes. In general, with a panel of four, each presenter has fifteen minutes, leaving fifteen minutes for questions. The issue of when to take questions is up to the chair and the panel, but taking questions at the end, by which time everyone has had time to present, is a good idea.

We’ve updated (Sun Mar 12) the ATTW 2017 program preview which includes detailed session descriptions with a few late-breaking changes. Have a look — and plan your conference!

Women in TC Luncheon

The luncheon is scheduled for Multnomah on the first level of the Doubletree. Tickets to the luncheon are sold out. Organizers will check people in at the door using the Eventbrite registration information.


Please refer to the CCCC accessibility guide (link is PDF).

If you have have accessibility concerns for which you need assistance, please contact Michelle Eble at EBLEM@ecu.edu.

Portland Information

The local arrangements committee for CCCC has created a Portland 2017 web site with information about restaurants, ground transportation, and more.

ATTW.org accounts required for proposals

We’re now accepting ATTW 2017 proposals! This year, we’re requiring that everyone proposing a speaking role create a free ATTW.org account so we can more easily track submissions, reviews, and members.

Since we had some security problems in the past, we’ve deleted all existing ATTW.org accounts and started afresh. So, everyone will need to take a few minutes to make an ATTW.org account.

Please make an account as soon as you can. That will give us time to review and approve accounts well in advance of the October 15 deadline. (We have to review them since spammers still attempt to create bogus accounts every day.) Help us make review easy by filling out the form completely.

If you are planning a panel or co-authored presentation, make sure your collaborators create ATTW.org accounts as well, then provide you the email addresses tied to their accounts. We’ve created a page listing all the registered accounts, so you’ll be able to look them up easily, in case you forget.

Accounts are free and can be created by members or non-members. We plan to keep this system in place for ATTW 2018 and 2019, so this should be a time saver on the long run.

Let us know if you have questions. We’ll be welcoming your submissions soon!

Create your ATTW.org account now

Women in TC Events and ATTW luncheon Registration

ATTW 2015 Women in TC Luncheon
ATTW 2015 Women in TC Luncheon

Please be aware of these upcoming events from one of our partner organizations, Women in Technical Communication. Women in TC  provides a space for women to address issues that affect their lives and builds mentoring programs/infrastructures to respond to these varied needs. Women in TC is a valuable resource for pedagogy, research, and mentoring—and one of the hottest tickets at ATTW in Houston. Participate in upcoming events and reserve your seat at the luncheon now!

Update 3/25: The Women in TC luncheon is SOLD OUT.

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Who wouldn’t want to speed date?

Since 2009, ATTW has held a Graduate Student Career Workshop to help graduate students understand the job market.

Richard Johnson-Sheehan, who is a Professor at Purdue University, started the whole thing, and I’ve been fortunate enough to help him out from the start. And, I have to say it’s always been one of the highlights of the year for me. Why? Because it’s a great chance for faculty and grad students alike to get know one another. I love finding out what new topics are being explored and getting to know the “next generation.” There are a number of students from the first workshop that I talk to regularly. One can never have too many people in your network!

Students will get a handout we’ve prepared that gives an overview to the job market specific to TPC, and they will have the perfect opportunity—a captive audience really—to ask questions about the job market or to ask questions about programs and faculty life.

Past participants, student and faculty both, have reported one of the highlights of the event is getting to know faculty and programs that are different from their own doctoral institutions. Over 65% of programs in technical and professional communication (TPC) are not at doctoral level schools so to give students the chance to find out what life is like at different kinds of schools is paramount to their success.

Practical Specifics

When is the event?

4:00 pm on April 6.

How do you participate?

Email me lisa.meloncon@uc.edu and let me know you want to participate.

What will happen during the session?

There’s a reason that we call this workshop, Speed Dating. It’s because you’ll start with someone and talk for about 5-7 minutes and then you’ll move on to the next person. There’s no need to prepare. It’s an informal conversation where students can ask questions about the faculty member’s program and also tell them a little bit about the type of research that you’re doing. That way during the session, everyone will have talked to a number of people.

What if I have questions?

Just let me know and I’ll answer them or find someone that can.